If the Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) content in the water is high, it may be time to consider a Reverse Osmosis system. Our RO systems will: Remove objectionable taste and odours. Reduce scale buildup and so help prolong equipment life

Our Reverse Osmosis systems are specially engineered for rigorous foodservice applications. They’re designed to manage the most severe water conditions.

Our reverse osmosis systems can:
  • Reduce high TDS levels that can impart an objectionable taste;
  • Inhibit limescale build-up that can ruin your equipment;
  • Reduce contaminants such as arsenic, lead, copper and nitrate/nitrite;
  • Reduce Chlorine and other offtastes, and odours;
  • Reduce health-threatening cysts such as cryptosporidium.
Note: Reverse Osmosis should be considered when TDS levels in excess of 300 ppm are present. Water production is dependent on incoming water temperature and line pressure. Consult your EVERPURE representative for assistance in correct system selection and design.