FOODSERVICE applications - an overview

Exceptional products are only one aspect of our total water management.

We can analyse your operation from top-to-bottom, and apply our extensive knowledge and expertise specifically to your situation. We'll compile a complete blueprint of your needs, then assemble and execute a Total Water Management action plan. When we’re done, your water will be, and remain, the best tasting, best conditioned water possible. Your customers, and your bottom line, will notice the difference.

Water impacts customer satisfaction.

Your customer’s first and last impression of your operation is often the beverage you serve them. If the taste and odour of your ice water, fountain beverage or coffee is not as it should be, it will impact on the finished product.

• Fountain beverages are 83% water
• Coffee is 99% water
• Ice is 100% water

Water travels with a lot of unwanted chemicals, sediment and dissolved minerals that can affect equipment performance and operating life. Corrosion, abrasion, clogging, scaling and energy waste can all be reduced or eliminated with proper water conditioning.