Gas Pump (BIB Syrup dispense)


The SHURflo gas (CO2/air) driven diaphragm pump is designed for the dispensing of BIB syrups, wines, teas and juices. It utilises a technically proven twin chamber, positive displacement, straight through design to maximise performance by minimising pressure drop. The pump features automatic demand and automatic sold-out vacuum shut-off for ease of operation.

The SHURflo gas pump is approved for use by all the leading soft drink manufacturers and is NSF and SK approved for water, beverages, (including alcohol), and condiments.

BIB Syrup pump for post-mix beverage dispense systems For Coca-Cola syrup pump options see pdf ('Coca-Cola options') for details.

Brand: Shurflo
Part Number: Part No.166-296-28
Model: Gas Pump (BIB Syrup dispense)

Gas Outlet 1/4

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Part No.166-296-28