Automatic Bag Selector Valve


The Automatic Selector Valve (ASV) allows two or more Bag-in-Box containers to be connected in parallel to a single pump. When vacuum build up indicates the on-line box is empty, the ASV automatically switches over to the second box, eliminating the need to change boxes during peak business periods. New boxes can then be hooked up at a suitable time to ensure continuous supply.

Further benefits of the ASV are with clear syrups where it gives operators the opportunity to keep a constant supply of syrup thereby avoiding dispensing a spoiled drink.

Automatic Bag Selector Valve options 

165-110 ASV 12” hg (41kPg) Brix and Electric pumps

94-350-03 ASV 18” hg (61kPg) (90º elbow liquid out) Gas pumps

94-350-08 ASV 18” hg (61kPg) Gas pumps

Brand: Shurflo
Part Number: 94-350-xx
Model: Automatic Bag Selector Valve


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